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Intimacy coaching to transform your relationship from unsatisfying to oh-so-fulfilled

Go from Lonely to Wanted

Create Rock-Solid Communication

Rekindle the Missing Spark

Any of These Relationship Struggles Sound Familiar?

The Effects of Intimacy Issues…

Feeling All Alone

Feel hurt, alone or rejected but sharing it only makes you feel bad for saying anything at all?

The Spark Is Gone

Trying to get their attention or want more spice in the bedroom…but nothing you try is working?

Feeling Undesirable

Can’t remember the last time they reached for you or can’t find common ground in how often?

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My Path to Becoming an Intimacy Coach

Alyssa Anaya, Intimacy and Relationship Coach

I know what it’s like to be on a different page than your partner, to have different sex drives. Yeah, it should have been easy, as we clicked on so many levels. But when it came to being intimate, totally different pages. I get how excruciating it is. I’ve seen, again and again, how lonely it is when you’re not intimate with your partner and how over time the separation between people just gets bigger and bigger…and can get so big that you give up.

Instead I studied, trained, and tested techniques to heal our relationship sexually, emotionally and mentally. I incorporated these with my over 20 years experience in Tantra and lovemaking practices and got our relationship back on track. I now help people just like you uncover the blocks that are keeping them from a fulfilling sex life and the emotional relationship of their dreams.

Signature Coaching Program

Sacred & Spicy

In my 10-week program, Sacred & Spicy, I’ll personally guide you along the path to rekindling your relationship. As overwhelming as it feels, there is hope. A satisfying intimate relationship requires certain things to be done in certain ways. When you know what they are, and have an expert coach by your side, you’ll finally experience that happily ever after you dream about. To learn all the details and apply for one of my few open spots, click the button below.

Breathe New Life Into Your Relationship

Three Steps to Rekindle Your Connection

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