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From a Marriage Falling Apart to a Professional Intimacy Coach…​

I know how lonely it can be when intimacy isn’t working with your partner. I was in a loving, devoted relationship. We had chemistry and we just worked. But, after having a child, my desire for intimacy shifted. So when it came to being intimate, it was like we were on two different pages. Bottom line, we felt like roommates day-to-day. I just wanted to enjoy intimacy without it becoming a chore. My partner wanted what we once had. As you can imagine, the sexual frustration got real and started affecting our emotional relationship, too. Our interactions felt one-sided and lacking in attention. It felt like we were being pulled apart by our different desires and felt utterly excruciating. I just knew I couldn’t let us go through life with me feeling inadequate or questioning whether I really wanted to be with my partner. We were both lonely and found ourselves missing the spark that our relationship once had.

But, I knew this wasn’t the end for us. I knew there had to be a way for me to reconnect with the love of my life and work to rebuild our relationship. I had to make the effort to remove this wedge that had come between us, without my partner feeling like I was attacking them or wanting to argue. So, I made it my mission to find a way for us to respect each other’s boundaries, while still connecting physically in other ways.

I studied, trained, and tested techniques to heal our relationship sexually, emotionally and mentally. I incorporated these with my over 20 years experience in Tantra and lovemaking energies. Slowly but surely, it began to work. I watched as my marriage actually improved, and my partner and I felt closer and more connected than ever. Not only did we re-find our intimacy after having a child, we used these practices to overcome the stress of owning a business together, dealing with cancer, sexual trauma, and the financial stressors of modern life. Through it all, I was able to create deep intimacy with my spouse.

As we improved our sexual and emotional relationship, we opened ourselves to exploring more and finding the bliss that we were missing. I never knew that my body was capable of this much ecstasy until I experienced it. Our bodies are capable of so much more pleasure than we thought, or were taught.

I have made it my mission as a professional intimacy coach to help the countless others who are struggling with their relationships and to guide those feeling sexually frustrated, ignored and missing the spark you once had together. I now help people just like you uncover the blocks that are keeping them from a fulfilling sex life and emotional relationship. Having the best of both worlds is possible and it would be an honor to help show you the way.

If you’re ready to experience a spiced-up relationship, and finally get your needs met, I’d like to invite you to grab a free discovery call where together we’ll get clear about your relationship goals, uncover what’s really standing in your way, and create a proven plan to bring back the spark. Press the button below to start your unforgettable journey to the relationship you’ve always wanted.

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